Why is it Necessary to Have a Cleaning Every 6 Months?

There is 1 main reason at the root of why it is necessary to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months. It is truly at the heart of the problem. Get in and get your teeth cleaned regularly so this problem doesn’t get to the roots of your teeth and possibly cause much more serious health issues.


Plaque is the number 1 reason for going to the dentist for a professional cleaning every 6 months. Plaque is a bacterial coating that forms on your teeth. The plaque bacteria grow on the sugar or starchy build-up that is left on your teeth after you eat food or drink sugary beverages. It hardens after 24 to 36 hours, turning into tartar, which is also called calculus by the professionals. This tartar cannot be removed from your teeth with brushing, no matter how great your toothpaste is or how long you brush. As plaque builds up and turns into tartar, it pushes its way down under the gum line. This causes inflammation that will lead to serious gum disease and bone loss around your teeth. You could lose teeth if you do not have the tartar cleaned off every 6 months.

Tartar Removal

The only way to get that tartar removed is by going to your dentist for a professional cleaning. The dental hygienist is a specialist at your dentist’s office who will clean all that built-up tartar off your teeth. Your dentist will then take a close look at them. He or she will be able to see any signs of trouble before it turns into full-blown periodontal disease, bone loss and tooth loss.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, “Plaque is the main cause of gum disease.”

Your dental hygienist will use a combination of instruments to remove the tartar. Ultrasonic scalers, scrubbing brushes and plain old pics are a few of the weapons in a dental hygienist’s arsenal.

More than Just a Pretty Smile

Having your teeth cleaned as not just about polishing them up and making them look pretty. Your hygienist must remove the tartar first. After that is done, then the she or he will use some polish and a polishing brush on them that will clean up any left-over plaque or tartar. This process will help remove stains, too. Your teeth will look prettier and feel nice and smooth but, most importantly, all that nasty plaque and tartar will be gone.

Happier Pocketbook

Your breath will be more pleasant, your smile will sparkle and you will have saved yourself a lot of pain, suffering and money. That’s right. Paying for a cleaning every 6 months is far less expensive than treatment for periodontal disease and far more pleasant for you.

Health Canada points out that “Poor oral health can affect more than just your mouth; it can affect other areas of your body as well.”

Happier, Healthier You

Periodontal disease is very painful and it makes healthy eating difficult. Oral health problems can also lead to other health problems like respiratory illness and heart disease. Having your teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months will help prevent these potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Happier, Healthier Baby

There is evidence that dental problems can lead to pre-term delivery and low birth weight babies. This potential risk makes it all the more important for you to get your teeth cleaned and checked at least every 6 months when you are pregnant.


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