What kind of hygiene care does Riverside Dental provide?

As a part of our patient services, we offer state-of-the-art dental hygiene care. Our goal is to assist you by eliminating and preventing oral disease, helping you to maintain optimal dental health.* Your smile is important to us, and proper dental hygiene is vital when it comes to ensuring your smile remains healthy and beautiful.

Some of the services we offer during your visit are:

Patient screening

A patient screening includes assessing your current oral health condition, reviewing your oral health history and/or any related health issues, providing a certified oral cancer screening and basic dental charting, which includes taking your blood pressure.


We use only the most sophisticated, modern equipment to ensure your comfort and safety. We take and develop dental scans through 3D imaging using a 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner, and/or digital X-rays. Using these technologies, we are able to get detailed and precise images with less radiation.

Plaque removal

During your dental hygiene visit, we may also provide calculus and plaque removal, as necessary. This may be done on all surfaces of your teeth to ensure buildup does not occur.

Preventative materials

If we deem that it is needed, we may also apply preventative materials to your teeth, depending on your specific requirements. This includes sealants and fluorides. This is a very important step, as these materials can ensure the longevity of your teeth, aiding in the resistance of caries.


Because we want you to stay healthy, we not only diagnose and treat dental diseases and conditions. We also educate you on how to maintain your dental health at home. We help you by providing you with appropriate oral hygiene strategies that will maximize your ability to keep plaque buildup and decay at bay. These strategies include proper tooth brushing, flossing technique and even nutritional counseling.

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