Digital Radiography

What is digital radiography?

Digital radiography, or digital x-rays, forego traditional “film” x-rays for advanced technology in the dental and medical fields. Digital imaging is high definition, and provides a greater analysis of a condition in a fraction of the time. Digital x-rays provide much greater comfort than traditional x-ray methods, while producing clearer, more precise images. And they also use a fraction of the radiation as well.

What are the benefits, from a patient standpoint?

Unlike film, digital X-ray images can be enhanced, allowing us to make a more precise diagnosis when you come in for an appointment.* Digital images can be sharpened, magnified, displayed as a negative and colorized. The images can be optimized and altered, but we’ll always have the ability to go back and see the original image. Your x-rays will be permanently stored in your digital file, and can be brought up and viewed instantly at your next appointment.

Digital radiography also allows us to superimpose images that are taken at different times, allowing us to compare and highlight areas of your mouth that look different. Changes such as tooth movement, bone loss or growth and even subtle nuances of change in a restoration, filling, or root canal can be quickly and easily recognized using this technique. This is an extremely helpful tool for Dr. Raj Dhiman and the staff at Riverside Dental.

Digital x-rays are fast. The pictures we take are ready to view in less than one second after shooting. With the alternative method, it can take 5-8 minutes to develop films for 40 patients. This saves both you and our staff plenty of time!

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