Computer CT Guided Implant Stents

What are Computer CT Guided Implant Stents?

Computer CT Guided Implant Stents allow us to accurately and effectively treat patients who need dental implants.* Since the late 90s, technology allowing us to interactively plan virtual implants in 2D and 3D has been around. Computed tomography (CT), which was introduced a decade earlier, allows dentists to evaluate anatomic structures with a higher level of accuracy.* By combining these technologies, we can actually do interactive presurgical planning. With CAD/CAM technology, surgical templates can be created to help us place implants in a well-planned preoperative/prosthetic manner.* In the past, dental surgeons had to rely on intraoperative planning, which is often surgical-driven.

What are the benefits, from a patient standpoint?

Computer CT Guided Implant Stents can benefit you as well.* With this technology, our work can be more accurate and less invasive than in traditional cases. We have the ability to transfer three-dimensional implants from a virtual model to your mouth. This provides a more efficient outcome.* At Riverside Dental, we are able to provide full-mouth extractions, reinforced bridgework and incisionless, computer CT guided implant placement. These restorations are essential for providing support to your mouth and jaw, and with the best technology, you can know that you’re getting the best treatment.*

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