What is CEREC?

Our CEREC acquisition system allows us to provide the strongest and most natural-looking dental crowns available.* This is done in-office, so your restoration can be accomplished in just one visit. Our CEREC CAD/CAM unit is light years beyond the antiquated milling techniques that so many dental offices still employ. We can provide you with multiple unit restorations, including crowns, in the same day, providing you with an added layer of convenience.* And the best part is, it takes about 20 minutes to complete.*

How does it work?

Using the CEREC CAD/CAM unit, we are able to generate a 3D model of your teeth. The system’s software allows Dr. Raj Dhiman to create a custom restoration plan for your mouth. With this technology, we can map out esthetic ceramic crown or partial crowns to improve your teeth.* In the same appoint, we will be able to create a restoration and add it to your mouth. This amazing technology allows us to improve the look and feel of your teeth in one sitting!*

Cerec machine

The CEREC Omnicam is a small, powder-free color camera that produces precise 3D images in natural color. After analyzing the complete scan, the CEREC software generates restoration proposals. With this technology, we can create extremely precise restorations with smooth edges and surfaces and very fine fissures.* We love using this CAD/CAM at our office.

Actual patient before and after photos

Donald's before and after photos

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Using CEREC, we are able to provide our patients with one appointment crowns and other restorations.* When your mouth is causing you pain or your smile causes you to feel self-confident, we can help you with all of your dental needs.* Located in Delta, BC, we serve the entire South Delta community (including Ladner, Tsawwassen, Richmond and more). To schedule your appointment at Riverside Dental, give us a call at 604-946-9588, or fill out the form on our site.

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