3D CT Scan

What is a 3D CT Scan?

The 3D CT Scan is a sophisticated dental imaging system that is used when traditional x-rays are not sufficient. A 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner offers a 40-second scan time and precise information through detailed 3D imaging. Because of this, we are able to see what traditional x-ray systems are not able to show. It is most commonly used for the planning and treatment of orthodontic issues. With this system, we are able to plan, treat and prevent disease and oral health issues even better.*

What can I expect during my appointment?

On the day of your scan, there will be no special preparation in advance on your part. You will just need to remove any metal objects from your pockets that might interfere with the scanner. This includes objects such as glasses, hair pins, jewelry and hearing aids. During the scan, the arm of the 3D CT scanner will rotate around your head in a complete 360-degree rotation. The process is very fast and, in less than a minute, it will take hundreds of images of your mouth. The procedure is comfortable and you won’t feel any pain during the scan.*

However, since it is an X-ray machine, there will be a small amount of radiation exposure. At Riverside Dental, we ensure that only patients who need a scan receive it and those who do are appropriately draped and protected. If you are pregnant, please talk with us before undergoing a 3D Cone Beam CT scan.

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