No More Braces: Straighten Teeth with Crystal Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth have a severe impact on self-confidence, especially in young people. While teeth straightening affects everyone, kids and teenagers are in some ways affected more than just about anyone.

School can be tough, bringing with it all manner of pressures. While bullying is currently under fire across social platforms and the media, it is still a detriment to countless kids and teenagers. In fact, according to the, between 2009 and 2013, nearly 65% of all bullying reports are name calling and insults.

The Era of Braces

In the past, the only way to correct misaligned teeth was by using braces. Teenagers generally dread their use, as they can result in teasing. Not only have braces resulted in countless insults from the schoolyard, they are uncomfortable for adults to wear, as well. Adults associate braces with youth, resulting in reduced self-esteem, and being self-conscious.

Braces can also be painful and inconvenient, especially traditional metal braces. While there are more options now than before, metal braces are still the most commonly used form. In addition to metal braces, there are ceramic braces, which must be cared for more extensively and stain easily. There are lingual braces, which fasten behind the teeth, but are much more uncomfortable and difficult to adjust.

Then there is something new.

Clear Aligners: Invisalign

Today, there is a choice that is available which stands head and shoulders above all other options: clear aligners.

Clear aligners are essentially clear plastic mouth guards that are molded to fit your teeth perfectly. They fit like a glove, and are virtually invisible from 5 feet or more away. Up closer it is possible to see them, but most people do not notice them at any distance.

They are perfect for people of all ages; children, teenagers, and adults. They allow you to undergo treatment with the discretion you want in any dental treatment.

Additional Advantages

Clear aligners can straighten teeth in significantly less time than traditional braces. Even some of the more advanced models can take much longer to get the desired results.

Privacy: Because they are invisible, no one will know that you are receiving treatment. This is especially helpful for those that are sensitive about receiving treatment for their teeth.

Faster Progress: Due to advances in clear aligner technology, by simply making a slight dimple in the gum, trays can be changed in half the time, getting results even faster.

Digital Impressions: Impressions are 100% digital. Impressions are taken with a digital camera, instead of the usual molding procedures that can be harsh on sensitive teeth.

Virtual Treatment Plan: Through virtual reality, we are able to create a virtual rendition of your treatment plan, showing you first-hand the progress you will see, all the way to the finished results.

Faster results, less pain, digital impressions, and virtual reality: clear aligners are clearly the easiest and most convenient option available.


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