Thank you to Dr. Dhiman and all the staff at Riverside Dental. My front teeth look great and I am able to smile again without feeling self conscious. Everyone at Riverside is professional and friendly – a wonderful combination for a dental office. I am very pleased with all the work you have done for me and I highly recommend you to my friends.


What a wonderful staff and Dr. They made my experience relaxing and easy, warm and comfortable. I’ve never felt like this about going to the dentist before, and I don’t fear the dentist anymore! Thanks a bunch!


Best Dentist I ever had! The whole office really cares and knows your name! Great service and they even called me the next day to see how I was doing. I recommend this dentist to everyone.


My previous dentist is no longer with us and I had not seen a dentist for many many years. A dental office is NOT my favorite place– as I am sure, is true for the much of the population!

My “First contact” was with a cheery voiced girl at the front desk. She quickly and efficiently ascertained my needs and arranged for me to come in the very next day for a consultation. I explained my financial dilemma and she assured me the cost would be within my means, which it was.

I arrived for my first appointment and was immediately struck by the warmth of all your staff members and the “feel” of your office. Your office is bright and cheerful, and your staff has a sincere sense of being happy in their workplace! How lovely!

I arrived for my appointment on Tuesday, only to be swept up in the warm embrace of all your staff! I was offered coffee and felt very reassured. Your team recognized my nervousness and beautifully affirmed to me in a manner I can only relate to what it must be like to be cared for by angels!

Your Coordinator went over every detail of the process and was in my company for the entire appointment. I could not have wished for a more pleasant companion! Dr. Dhiman was caring, efficient and meticulous in his workmanship, thank you!

On my return home I even found a voice message from you guys following up to make sure I was doing all right!! Such treatment is so appreciated, thank you!

I want to thank YOU ALL for an amazingly lovely experience! I CANNOT believe I am saying this about a dental visit – however I AM, and I most certainly will recommend your office to all whom I come across in need of dental care!

7th Grade French Class at Cliff Drive School

Thank you so much for helping make our fundraising BINGO night a huge success. We’re off to Quebec!


Barely two months ago, I had an unjustifiably high fear of going to the dentist, which was the reason why I had avoided going for many many years. In fact, all of my experiences at the dentist were very unpleasant… and to be honest, I have been to quite a few… And then I met Dr. Dhiman and his staff. I am writing to give you a tangible metric for success: In just two visits, I no longer have a fear of going to the dentist. And, it was all thanks to you and your team.

Dr. Dhiman was calm, steady and reassuring. This helped me quite a bit. The other members of the staff had so much knowledge, they went above and beyond to make my visit great. Taryn made me feel so relaxed during my scariest moments and was amazingly personable and reassuring. Thanks to you all! I love you guys. The radio ad really worked. The message you sent truly resonated with me… “a non-judgmental environment” (this was key) that’s what pulled me in. It was highly effective and I heard the ad at least five times. I knew I had to come see you guys.


Thank you so much for your “over the top” customer service and your upbeat office morale. On my wedding day I had the worst tooth ache I can imagine and every dental office was closed or unwilling to assist. I called Dr. Dhiman on his emergency line – “home line” and he prescribed a painkiller to get me throughout the day. He got me in the chair the next day and fixed my tooth. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Dr. Dhiman and his staff are so welcoming and they made me feel comfortable despite my dentist phobia. I was so afraid of going to the dentist that I would cross the road rather than walk past a dental office.

Since coming to Riverside Dental, not only do I attend my appointments, but for the first time in my life without sedation. Dr. Dhiman and his staff don’t just care about the teeth, they truly care about their patients.


Dr. Dhiman and all his staff are amazing. I have been bringing my two boys and myself for just over a year now, and have always left with not only clean and healthy teeth, but also a smile on my face because it was a relaxing and friendly experience. My two young boys, are no longer afraid of going to the dentist, which is amazing! Thank you ALL!

Barbara & Family

I am 80 years old, and so have obviously been to many dentists & their staff over the years. This dear young very professional lady named Colleen – the most competent, caring, kind spoken lady, made me enjoy the time I spend in the dental chair. I could not say enough good things about her! And, Dr. Dhiman (never mind his movie star looks) – again, I must say the best most caring dentist I have ever enjoyed have work on my teeth. I just do – from the bottom of my heart, thank you Doctor, and you staff ever so much!


Thank you to all the staffs for making my dental visits enjoyable and for putting me at ease when I come for my check-ups and any other procedures. I used to be terrified of going to the dentist but after changing to Riverside Dental, I am much happier!

Thank you for your friendly, welcoming & hospitable office… and for taking care of my teeth! Wish your office all the best!


Dear Riverside Dental Team,

I felt I had to let you know that my dental appointment with you, as always, was a pleasure. The moment you step into the office, it’s like walking into your best friends home, the friendly and caring atmosphere makes each and every visit a positive experience. Thank you.


Wonderful experience! I have a bad experiences but Dr. Dhiman made me feel so relaxed. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.


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